Lawrence Mencotti
Mike—some magnificently beautiful fotos! I envy (in a good way) your Tanzania trip.
Kathleen Bennington
Just checked out the second add to Tanzania - Awesome ! Did any of the animals come close to your vehicle?
Kathleen Bennington
Thank you for sharing the Tanzania Photos! What a trip! Amazing Photos - I can't even imagine what it must be like in person.
Kathleen Bennington
I'm back!!!! Beautiful photos Brother!! Thank you for sharing.
Kathleen Bennington
Wow!! The Bluebirds!! Awesome - Thank you for sharing.
Joyce Walker Higdon(non-registered)
I have just relived the Jenny - Chris wedding ! What a wonderful day you had for me there. Millie and Ray would be so proud. Love you !
Colin Walker(non-registered)
Uncle Mike, You have an amazing talent. I truly enjoy looking through your photos... great times with great people. Love ya man!
Martha ACker(non-registered)
Beautiful!!!!! Makes me enjoy going to the eye doctor!!
Cali Coast pictures are amazing! You are awesome, bro! Thanks for sharing them with us. Love you!
Kathleen Bennington
Just checked out the Longwood photos - Awesome as usual.
I really enjoyed being there with you guys.
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